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9th Sep 2020, 12:00 AM in Chapter 3: Make A Mess
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theartsycanary 9th Sep 2020, 12:00 AM edit delete
Two things:

1. This goes up on the first day of school for me. School and comic at the same time is sure to be Exhausting, but I'll do my best anyway! I wish luck to all my fellow classmates, *especially* my fellow pestilence players/dm!

2. Yesterday, when this goes up, (September 8) marks the first ever session of the pestilence! It's *officially* been a year since this all started, and holy shit, it's been so fucking awesome. A letter to the crew: thank you for playing with me! This story has been awesome, it's given me the inspiration to finally commit to the sorts of creative projects I've wanted to make for like, a decade now, not to mention I have it to thank for getting us all to be so close and y'all are like, the coolest people I know. Even before the Pestilence, when we were doing Chains: it's been a good fucking time! I look forward to keeping shit up, through the rest of this campaign, and then, mine and then Isaiah's, and then who the hell knows what's after that! It is going to be awesome and I am 100% confident of that, because I'm doing it with you guys and you guys are awesome.

Dear random comic reader who has never met any of us in their life: thank you for getting this far! It is the wildest thing that this thing that I've created, that my friends have created, is being read by people I've never even met. Granted, there's not many readers, I know: but let it be known I appreciate y'all from the bottom of my heart! It is so mind boggling to me to think that people I don't know are reading my work. Every time I get a comment or any other user engagement it makes my day. We've barely even gotten into the weeds with this story, so stick around and I *promise* it'll take you some wild places! thank you for your time.

Alrighty, sappy-zone over, have fun with tonight's update! The last page of the chapter goes up on Saturday.
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sam 9th Sep 2020, 12:03 AM edit delete reply
i think they should've jumped out the big window. just for funsies
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